Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Organization and a Call for Guest Bloggers!

Now that I have You Are What You Say You Are well established with posts, I want to get more organized.  There are seven main topics that I write about for this blog.  I have titled them as: Weigh-in Measure-up, Fitness, Meals/Food, Adversity, Food for Thought, Goals, and Love Yourself.

I originally wanted to write about one topic per day, but at the beginning of the blog, I had too many bones to lay out to structure the program.  Now that the structure is there, I'm ready to begin the daily topics.

Monday:  Weigh-in, Measure-up
Tuesday:  Fitness
Wednesday:  Food
Thursday:  Adversity
Friday:  Food for Thought
Saturday:  Goals
Sunday:  Love yourself <3

So, today is the first of the official Food Wednesday series.  It will include recipes and information about food, like the benefits and nutrients of certain foods... basically, anything food!

In the next few days, I will have a link at the top for each of these categories so that you can easily find any past posts by topic!

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This plan will help me break out of my monotonous tendencies.  I tend to do the same workouts, and eat the same foods each day.  It will help me branch out, and hopefully you too!

Also, I am currently looking for guest bloggers!  Do you have some information that you would love to share with me and with others about any of the above topics?  Then please, email me!  I'd love to hear what you have to say!

Note, I will have you submit your writing to me for approval.  I may or may not ask you to make any changes before I post it.  If you get approved for a guest post, I will include an introduction of you, with any and all link backs to your own website, blog and/or facebook pages... basically, wherever you want to refer people for more of your writing.

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