Friday, October 14, 2011

Love Yourself Through Service

One great way to love yourself is to serve someone else.  When we are genuinely concerned for someone else, we develop love for them.  That type of love is called charity.  Charity is the true love of Christ.  When we have charity, we not only develop a love for others, but we also develop love for ourselves.

The challenge for today's "Love Yourself Today" post is to do an act of service for someone else.

Care to share your experiences with me?  Email me or comment.

Yesterday, I felt impressed to take an older woman to the grocery store.  She attends my church and I had heard that she sometimes needs a ride but can't always find it.  After having the thought to take her, I began to push it aside.  But I finally called her and told her I was heading to the store anyway.  She was happy to come along, and I had a great time.  She is a sweet lady, and I look forward to more opportunities to help her.

Happy losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

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  1. Your dad has been suffering from horrible back pain these last few days. Last night he had me give him a back rub with alcohol. I really don't enjoy giving back rubs, but I did it until he was satisfied. Tonight I thought I would offer one again, even though he didn't bring it up. He was glad to have another. I do think it helped him feel better. That is my service for the day.


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