Monday, October 3, 2011

Motivation Pictures

Dig out one of those pictures of when you were fit and healthy, and hang it up somewhere where you will see it.  But don't leave it alone.  Take a picture of yourself right now, and put them together, side by side.  (Or if you would like, just put up a picture of you now).

What can be more motivating than a picture of how you look now, and how you want to look again?

This is hard for me to do, because I dislike seeing pictures of my current weight.  However, I believe it is going to be the most effective way for me to break out of my denial.

To take a few steps further, and to embrace my "Honest Weight Loss" I am going to post both pictures here on the blog.

This was actually kind of hard for me.  For the last few years, I have done my best to avoid getting my picture taken.  I am usually the one behind the camera.  Really, that is sad, one day, my kids will wonder where on earth their mother was when they were young.  So, I am going to change, and I am going to lose weight, so I don't feel emberassed to be in pictures any more.

After the first eight weeks, I will update the my now current picture with one showing my progress!  After each milestone is met, I will update, and hopefully I'll melt down closer and closer to that wonderful picture of me fit and thin!

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis


  1. I'm so excited you are doing this. I decided to change things for myself a year ago. I lost 62 pounds in 16 weeks. It was awesome. I started three weeks ago working to get the last 10 off. That has been the hardest. I pretty much give all the credit to Tae-Bo and adding my daily foods into my fitness pal app or You can do it!!! One week at a time girl. I'll look forward to the weekly updates.
    Celeste (Walters) Tabakece

  2. Celeste! Congratulations on your weight loss! That's awesome! I know it takes persistence! Thank you so much for your encouragement. I am totally my own worst enemy. And thanks for the link! I'm looking into it right now!


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