Tuesday, August 30, 2011

An Update!

Well, school has started for our beautiful two daughters.  They are loving it, as am I!  The summer was great fun, but toward the end I was craving the structure that would come with the kids returning to school.

Big T and Little H are both looking forward to trying out basketball this fall (Uncle T, we thought you'd love to find that out).  They both wanted to do soccer again this fall, but we decided that with piano lessons starting up in a week or two, that we should add things a little at a time.  {Isn't that how we mix cookies?  Add the flour little at a time so it has enough time to absorb and be the most moist and enjoyable of cookies?}  I think that's a great reason to wait.  Both girls will be doing soccer again this spring.

There is something about this KFC dude that has the kids swooning.
Over the summer, Big T and Little H took swimming lessons... two sessions!  The loved it.  Their progress is impressive since they both wouldn't leave the steps or the three feet portion of the pool.  Now they are jumping in the deep and giving me a coronary!  I am not used to them knowing how to swim!

Big T is in second grade!  She is doing so well!  Her teacher often has her help out her peers when she finishes her school work early.  She is such a good girl, and she is very service oriented.  She loves to help others, including me... which I am so grateful for!

Little H is still her sweet little self with hidden attitude.  She is in first grade this year with an awesome teacher.  She even has a friend from church in her class, along with a few kids from her kindergarten class.  She loves school, and she is reading so well!  She can read the scriptures without much help.  I think she is developing a love for books like her mamma (Big T too!).  Oh, and let's not forget that Hailee celebrated her 6th birthday!  She got to have her Grandma Curtis over with her aunt, uncle, and three cousins!  That was the best gift really!

Baby K is six months old already.. and coming up on seven very soon!  We accidentally missed his four month check-up.  I didn't remember that babies had check ups at 4 months.  So, he is playing catch up with his immunizations.  He just had his four month shots a few days ago.  He is not too happy about them.  He has been super fussy and upset.  I don't blame him really.

Ever since August 15th, Baby K has been teething.  His first tooth started showing that Monday.  Just a few days ago, his second tooth started coming up as well.  So this doesn't help his grumpy scale.

Other developments for Baby K are that he is sitting up.  Sometimes he tips and teeters, but he is sitting up!  I look forward to when he can be in a forward facing car seat.  He is getting so long!  On Tuesday, he weighed in at 18 pounds 13 ounces, and 25 inches long!  I can't believe how big he is!  His eyes have been blue for the first few months of his life, but now we are seeing some green coming through.  We are not sure exactly what color of eyes he is going to settle on.  His hair has stumped us.  Some days it looks blond.  Other days it looks light brown, and occasionally we can see some strawberry blond in there!

Keep checking! 


  1. Very Nice, Baby K is getting huge, when you going to post more cooking tips from the kids, our kids bring it up, everytime they butter bread.

  2. I don't know! Big T is dying to have a turn shooting a tutorial video! Maybe I'll see what she wants to do and get it under way! :)


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