Thursday, June 27, 2013

Something Different

I have been in the process of making some changes here.  It has been slow going, because once we hit summer break, things started getting really busy.  The girls both started up tennis AND volleyball.  These are very rigorous schedules.  Tennis is every week morning from 8-9.  Then volleyball is every Tuesday and Thursday for an hour forty-five minutes in the evening time.  On top of that, I got a team together to play in the 4x4 city league co-ed volleyball team.  This was supposed to be a once a week king of thing.  It turns out that they have been scheduling games 3 times a week!  I decided to bow out of that one.  Its just too much!  Besides, I already lived my glory days!

The changes that I am making are in combining my blogs.  I have 4 blogs.  I like to work on all of them, so I have imported all of the posts.  I am still working on making tabs for each post and organizing the whole blog.  That is time consuming.  But I will eventually get rid of my other blogs and this one will be it!  I'll have my history with Jason on her, my weight loss blog, my fictional blog, and....this one! :)  I have too many interests in each of these to give them up out right.

I hope your summer is going well too!  We are definitely getting plenty of sun!


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