Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Chance Meeting: No It Was Fate

This story is a very unique one.  It starts out as the same old, "boy meets girl."

I had just moved to Pocatello, Idaho from Soda Springs.  I was fresh out of high school, and ready to live my life.  My plan was to not get married for at least five years.  I had ambitious plans of getting my doctorate in psychology (that was before I realized how much science would have to go into that degree).  It was crazy how I found the place I was to live.  I searched for weeks for the right place, and believe me, I was desperate.  I would have taken anything just over the thrill of being off on my own!   Every place I inquired about had some kind of issue.  They all fell through.  I finally found a house that had one room open for rent.  I had no clue who the other girls were that I would be living with, but I took it.

I signed the lease and moved in a few days before school was set to start at Idaho State University.  My house was at a prime location, one block away from campus.  I was in love with freedom!

When I put my key in the door to show my parents my new pad, I met my roomies for the very first time.  Little did I know that they had no idea that they were even getting another roommate!  My roommates names were, Tiffany Molder, and Terra Hale.  I might add that we had terrible land lords.

On a side note, our landlords would come into our house without ever telling us that they were coming over.  One very early Saturday morning (I'm talking around 6:30 am), I awoke to a vacuum running through the living room.  I got up and half asleep staggered out of my room.  The person before me was some little old lady that I had never met (I only dealt with the land lord's son, because she lived out of town).  I was so puzzled as to who on earth was in my house!  I found out later who it was.  I finally wrote her a letter, after a few more instances, telling her that I expected a phone call before anyone was to enter my house.  I don't think it ever happened again in this house.

Anyway, back to the story.  I became fast friends with my new roomies.  We set up weekly cleaning schedules (which Tiffany seemed to be the only one to follow through with--sorry Tiff).  We also began to attend church together and go to school social gatherings.

Tiffany was at work or school most of the time.  She was working two jobs.  Terra had one job, and I too had one job.  I worked at Telerperformance USA.  It was a call center.  It was a wonderful job where I would call people all over the country who had purchased Miracle Blades and try to sell them some shoe inserts that were supposedly heaven for your feet (insert sarcasm here).  I hated my job, but it paid well.  After a month of working there, I realized that they never missed me when I was gone.  They never even realized that I was gone.  So, little by little, I began to stop going to that job.   Eventually, I just unofficially just quit by never going there again.  I did get my paychecks though, in the mail.  Needless to say, I do not list that job on my resume.

I was taking some very basic courses in college.  English 101, some class like university success, and survey of art.  I'll just say that I was not ready to go to college at this time.  I bombed my classes.  Hind sight, it would have been better for me to focus on making money, and growing up before I even attempted college.  I just did not have the study ethic to get it done, and succeed with it.

Now, I am getting off track.  This is the background of my new independent life.  There is a major twist in there yet to be seen.

After the first few weeks of school had passed by, my roommates and I decided to attend the biggest "Mormon" dance of the year.  It was the open social for the LDS Institute of Religion.  We were so excited to go.  We were all single, and looking for the next guy to date.  Some of our guy friends had promised to try and introduce Terra and I to some guys that we might be interested in.  That was a mistake for me.

We walked in, and you could feel the tension.  People wanting to be asked, and people so nervous that their hands were sweating.  It was the official "meat market" for the year.  Most dances after this one were pretty lame.  Tiffany's guy friend, Matt (I believe) introduced me to a decent looking guy that unfortunately reminded me a little bit of my brother (sorry Paul), but this guy had to go.  He was very nice, and I'm sure would have been a great example to me, but he was just not it.  I knew after being introduced to him, that he would soon be back to ask me to dance.  So pretty much any slow dance song, I would "disappear."  I was successful at evading him for a while.

In the meantime, Terra saw two guys that she knew from this weird competition marching band thing.  It was called Drum Corps.  She had a bunch of pictures of her and her band hanging on her wall (it was very different--nothing I had ever seen or heard of before--sorry Terra, I was ignorant back then).  Well anyway, I was indifferent, while she got excited and ran up to them to give them a hug.  I was kind of looking around, and when I saw the "nice guy" coming toward me, I decided to get involved with Tressa's reunion.  I hadn't gotten a very good look of either of the guys, because Terra was kind of in the way.  But as I walked up to where they stood, I saw them for the first time... I saw him.  How I remember it now, nearly eight years ago, I don't remember seeing anything else.  I just saw this great looking, jovial guy that had a contagious personality.  His name.  Jason Anthony Curtis.

He was a natural flirt.  He teased me because I had a curling iron burn on my forehead.  He said it looked like a hickey.  Honestly, who gets a hickey on their forehead?  I couldn't help it.  I was a sucker for the joking type.  He wound up asking me to dance, and we talked and joked some more.  We ended up talking quite a bit over the next thirty minutes or so.

At some point, I finally was tracked down by Nice Guy.  I must have been too distracted to constantly keep space between him and me.  The dance was stiff, and awkward.  There was nearly zero communication, and his breath stank.  I was relieved when the song was over.  I thanked him for the dance and was on my way.

The time came when Tiffany had to be to work, and since we all road together to the dance, we had to take her to work.  We informed Jason and his friend Tyson Fuller of our plans, but that we would be back.  We were serious about that.

According to Jason though, he was sure that we were gone for good.  So he shrugged it off, and decided to find another girl to dance with.  I must point this out that true to our word, Terra and I returned to the dance about thirty minutes later.  I was too interested in this guy Jason to give up just yet.

On the drive to Channel 6 News, where Tiffany worked, I couldn't help but toss around the idea of wedding bells and this Jason Curtis.  I know!  Very odd!  I had just met him, but there was something about him--something magical.

We returned to the dance, and I immediately looked out for Jason.  I had a hard time finding him and thought he had left.  But after a few minutes, I ended up spotting him.  He danced a few dances with some short little girl that I loathed (of course, I was jealous).  Little did I know that he was keeping tabs on me too, and he finally asked me to dance with him again.  I was twitterpated by this time.

I believe we only danced two dances together, and I have no idea what those songs were.  Sometimes I wish that I would have paid attention to that, but the only thing I was thinking about was this wonderful guy.

The dance came to a close around midnight.  Jason informed Terra and myself that he was going to the university movie theater with his brother Andrew and friend Tyson.  He invited us to join him.  Of course we went.  I couldn't get this guy out of my head.  I sat next to him during Spider Man, but he seemed to be watching me more than watching the movie.  I would see him looking at me through the corner of my eye, only to look away when I tried to catch him.  What a tease!

The night we met was somewhere around September 9th, 2002.  I am not positive about that date.  That is another detail that I seemed to not pay attention to.

This is just the beginning!

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