Friday, September 30, 2011

The Diet Plan: Based Off of GAME ON

This diet is based off of the diet GAME ON!  I found it to be a very effective program.  I own the book so if any of you here local want to read it, I will share.  I just have to dig it out of storage.  
Ultimately you can chose whatever diet and exercise program that you want.  However, I will still post updates on eating, and exercise ideas as I find them... ones that work.  So you can do the program that I am doing, or you can opt out and do another!

5 small meals each day
No refined sugar
No soda/coffee/alcoholic beverages
No white bread
No white flour pasta
More homemade=less pre-prepared foods
More veggies
One small treat a day
3 Liters or more each day

Meal Directions:  Meals have to be eaten every 2-4 hours apart (no more, no less).  Soda and alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, that makes them a no no for losing weight.  Coffee is okay if you have it plain black with no sweeteners or sugar.  However, that caffeine will dehydrate you anyway.  Every meal needs to include 1 lean protein (size of palm), 1 healthy carb (serving size), and 1 healthy fat.  At least two meals each day need to include about two handfuls of vegetables.  No snacking between meals, unless it is a green vegetable (ie cucumbers, celery).

For meal ideas, click here.

One day a week, you may take a day off from the diet.  You can eat whatever you want, but remember that what you eat will affect your weigh ins.  I promise you that once you get into week 2, you won't want to eat the junk food as much, and by week 3, those unhealthy items might start to even look unappealing!

You may have one small treat each day, not exceeding 100 calories.  This can be used as condiments, or extras.  In the past, I have been detoxing from sugar, so the 100 calories was nice to use on a cookie or a chocolate.

Eating five small meals a day is very effective to ensuring that you are full at the end of the day.  It keeps your metabolism going at an appropriate rate to burn calories.  The first few days take some getting used to, because your body will crave the unhealthy things that you have been consuming.

Choose a day to way in each week.  I am choosing Monday, since that is the day I am starting.  Always weigh yourself when you start a diet.  Also measure your neck, upper arms bust, waist, hips (for women), and thighs.  This a great way to detect progress when you don't seem to be losing much.

Keep a journal of your weight-loss.  This is what I am doing this time around.  I have never written down how I feel about the struggles and the progress.  I think it could be a way to help find binge triggers.  My journal will be on this blog.  If you ever would like to share something with everyone else, please feel free to email me, and I will post it, giving you the credit.

I have followed this diet in the past, and I lost 15 lbs in 4 weeks!  It is a great and healthy way to eat!

If you have any questions, please post a comment or email me!

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

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  1. I need to follow my bariatric diet, but it is very close to this. 6 small meals 64 oz of water/liquid, and 65 grams of protien--eat protien first, then vegetables--limit carbs(sugars, starches)limit fats(no butter, vgetable oil, use fat free whenever possible)


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