Thursday, January 19, 2012

Adversity Thursday: Starting Over

Show me someone who has gone through the weigh loss program who was perfect, and I'll give you a million bucks!

Starting over.  After all, it is a life change, not just losing weight, and hoping that it won't find us again.  It is about changing our thinking, our way of life, and the way we feel about ourselves.

Honestly, part of my extended absence was due to the shame I felt for falling off of the wagon.  Shoot, its my wagon!  Why I didn't just stop it, dust myself off, and get back on, I do not know.

Here is the point where, in the past, I have felt the urge to give up.  I'm really good at losing 20lbs, but the rest isn't easy!  In fact, it is down right hard to change the way you have been thinking for any number of years.  So how do I put my train back on the track and begin again?  One wheel at a time (I just made that one up). :)

I've started integrating healthier options back into my diet.  That is a great place to start.  I have not been exercising, so my next step is to do so.  Then along with that, my next step is to start drinking my 3 liters of water.  You might be at a different place, but start where you know that you can succeed.  Once you have succeeded in that, then add on another mini challenge and goal.

Starting over is a good chance to apply what you have learned about yourself from the previous go around, to be more successful than before!  For me, I cannot pressure myself to post everyday like I did before.  If I miss, I miss.  I cannot stress out and lose weight... Worst Enemy shows that is impossible for me.

Good luck on your restart, if you are restarting!  If not, I commend you for having more will power than I over the holidays.

Happy losing!


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  1. I just went back to Weight Watchers after a 3 year pause. I have the same old 12 lbs. to lose. This is my starting over. In some of the materials I was given there was a quote to the effect that temporary changes will provide temporary results. Truer words were never spoken. At least now I know why I keep finding those 12 lbs. A lot of my dieting involves daydreaming about when I don't have to diet anymore. This is what I have to change.


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