Thursday, August 23, 2012

Adversity Thursday: Wal-Mart World

Instant gratification.  That's what a "Wal-Mart World" is.  I am just as plagued by the next person with the "need it now" mentality.

I want to read a book?  Sure, I'll go buy it so I can read it now.

I have a craft idea... Oh boy, I need to start it now.

I want to lose weight?  Let's take it off now!

How many crash diets are out there, because someone wants to see instant results?  But the question that we need to ask ourselves is this: Will these results be lasting?  Will they benefit our lives for good (question2)

I could take a pill, stop eating carbs all-together, or I could join something like LA Weight-loss, and I could lose weight.  I've known lots of people who have lost weight by doing all of these things.  But let's talk about natural, healthy weight-loss.  I don't pretend to be an expert.  But one thing that I have learned from observation and common sense, is that those things will only temporarily take the weight off.  I have to change my whole lifestyle.  I have to change the way I eat.  I can't be going to restaurants everyday to eat, with the consumption of soda and expect a pill to help me lose weight.  Just like the dishes won't do themselves, and the laundry won't fold itself.  SOMEONE has to do it.  I have to do it (technically, I have to do all of those things).

So, last October, I started my life changing quest.  I started out great!  I lost 20 pounds in 4 weeks, I felt good, but then my knee started swelling up (due to a previous surgery).  I got discouraged, and I stopped writing on the blog.  I gained back the weight I had lost, and I became disappointed in myself, and gave up... well, I didn't really give up.  Losing weight is something I know I need to do, and it is something that I really WANT to do.  But it isn't easy, and it doesn't come off all that fast.  Add into the equation of frustration, the fact that my knee was not performing healthily.  I could hardly walk without there being severe swelling.  I had no other means of exercise!

At the end of January, I made myself an appointment to go to an orthopedic surgeon.  I was very worried that I'd need another surgery.  Since we are still paying off the old surgery, I knew another would not be very good on our bank account.  So, after an MRI, x-rays, and a few consultations, the doctor diagnosed me with arthritis in my knee (to be expected with someone who has had half of their lateral meniscus removed).  After that diagnosis, I asked the question that I had been wondering for months... "Is this going to prevent me from running?"

The doctor's response?  "Yes."  He did not believe that I would have a healthy running experience without inflammation and pain (believe me, if you have not experienced severe knee swelling makes life very hard).  But before I left, he gave me a steroid shot in my knee to help with the swelling.So I went home with a heavy heart...since my goal is to be a runner!

I have to say, that shot did wonders for me!  It took it a few weeks, but the swelling went down.  When I do a lot of walking, it will swell up a little bit, but the swelling always decreases.  Before, I had a grapefruit sized knot of swelling on my knee from October to January!  It helped me out quite a bit.

My next conclusion was, "if every person took the doctor's diagnosis as "bible" health for themselves, then many people would not have lived as long as they could have, or many would never recover from their own struggles."  I have decided that I will be able to run...after I drop some weight.  Why not?  If a paraplegic can defy all odds and wiggle his or her golly, I can work hard and get to a point where I can run!  I am too hard headed of a person to take that as defeat.  It never would have stopped me before (just ask my parents and my husband).

So, no.  I won't be able to run today, or tomorrow for that matter.  But I do have hope to be able to run...maybe next all depends on how willing I am to put in the work.

How about you?  Are you willing to let go of your bad habits to change what needs to be changed?  Today I am.  Today I did.  Let's see what tomorrow brings shall we?

Today's goal:  Drink at least 8-16.9 oz bottles of water throughout the day.  And not one soda (which we have in the that will be the challenge).

What's your goal today?

Happy Losing!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

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