Monday, December 3, 2012

But It's Not Mother's Day!

I am the luckiest mom on earth.

The girls woke up super early this morning. They wake up early just happened to be before the sunrise (6:30ish). I have had a nasty cold, and frankly I haven't been getting enough sleep (at least it doesn't feel like it). Even Huggles was still asleep...and he has been sick too. So I instructed them to either go back to bed, or to read quietly in the living room. I didn't hear from them until 8 o'clock.

By then, Huggles was awake and jabbering in his crib. Bug came in and got him out, and tried to get him in his high chair to feed him. Then Bunny came in and told me to stay in bed, because her and Bug were making me breakfast in bed! I don't know a mom who would argue with that!

Bunny made my eggs just how I like them...whites cooked, and the yoke left for dipping toast! She has learned well! Bug arranged the tray, and brought it in to me! I about had a stroke, because sliding around on top was a very large and full glass of milk! I am relieved to say that it made it to me without a drop being spilt on the floor!

My kids are top notch! I'm so blessed to have them. To get to spend every day with them. I look forward to all of the future moments I will get to cherish with them!




  1. That was sweet. What thoughtful children. They will make great mothers themselves, one day!

  2. This is just proof of what a great mom you are, to raise them to be such great kids!!


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