Sunday, December 30, 2012

My Year of Lessons in a Nutshell

Hello all my lovelies! 

I tell you what, as soon my classes started up, my extra time and desire to find the time to blog went right out the window!  Sheesh!  Talk about piling up the busy work!  Busy enough that I didn't get my Christmas cards out!  Oh well!  I'll have to post it here on my blog here in the next week for you all to see... that saves me postage anyway!

The thoughts on my mind are all of the things that I have learned in this past year.  It has been a speedy one for sure.  Here is my list of lessons learned, some hard, some great.

Fear God, not man... if you feel confident that God will not be displeased, then you are okay. 1, 2

God and Jesus Christ are always here for me.

I love the Constitution.
A wall hanging in my house.
Relationships are fragile.  They can end abruptly.

Gossip hurts everyone.

Excuses stink, and everyone has them (that one isn't a new realization).

I like to shoot guns!  I want to one day go hunting for real...well, more than once. (hint hint Hoss).

Not everyone sees the world the way I do.

True friends can be counted on one hand (wisdom from my dad... very true dad, thanks).
Needless to say, great friends are hard to come by.
Sorry its blurry.
Never were there better friends!
My friend is in the red dress in the doorway...I didn't have another pic.
Her whole family is represented by this picture. 

Life can't be lived on the computer/phone/ipad/xbox/_______ (insert your own distraction).

I miss family.

Memories are never done being created, so don't stop doing fun things.

I hate coaching soccer....but I loved doing it with my girls.

Losing weight is not an end goal... it is a way of life.

One of the best feelings in the world is to see your child baptized and and confirmed.
Its Bug's turn this August!

I really miss Idaho.
Everywhere I went, I found myself snapping pictures of the
scenery I drove and walked by every day before we moved.

I am ALWAYS right when it comes to politics. :) That is sarcasm in case you missed that.
But while maybe not always... definitely most of the time! Ha! :)

Happiness happens when you make it happen.

I LOVE teaching science!  I hope to delve into physics one day!

I can live anywhere on this green earth and know that my husband is always there for me.
Ten years of marriage down!  I couldn't have found a better man.  God sent him to me.
Hoss posing in front of the neighborhood oil pump.

Missions are amazing!  I hope to one day make my family a full serving family!  My mom and dad are heading out on a mission this March!
Since most of my siblings all live far away from each other, we did a
Google Hangout to watch my parents open their mission call

The events in my life are all at the will of God.

Scripture journals are the best things ever!

I am very VERY imperfect. (also not a new realization).

A sisters' bond can be better than any friend.

Raising a boy is VERY different than raising girls.

I might miss the snow, just a little bit.

Forgiveness is an important part of repentance.  Frankly forgive all men. I am still working on it.

Education or knowledge is not always in a diploma.  Education is living life.

My children fill my heart to the brim with love (again, not new).
I'm so lucky that God has trusted me enough to help them through this life.

Technology is fun and exciting, but it is only momentary.

My right to own a gun is very important to matter the gun.

It is easy to focus on what should have been, but it does no good. Focus on what will be.
I'm still working on that too.

My right to educate my children in the way I see fit is very important to me.

Natural medicine in most cases is best...or I am trying to live by that as much as I can.
I am very interested in learning more about alternative medicine.

Support from my family is important to me, but not mandatory.

I love my scriptures, and my liberty of religion is also very important to me.

I am grateful for those men and women who went to so much trouble,
 sacrifice and war to establish my liberty here.

I am very aware that those liberties are being sold for temporary comfort.

Time flies faster with each year older I get.

I am in love with New Mexico sunsets.  There are none like it.. the silhouettes and colors are amazing!

I know there are a lot more things that I have learned in the past year, 
but there is no way I could name them all!

All in all, the world didn't end on my 10 year anniversary...everything is still ticking.  I am still waiting for my hover car as predicted in the Back to the Future series.  
It has ultimately been a pretty good year, with exciting changes for our family, and we look forward to what awaits us for 2013!

Happy New Year!


Disclaimer: Nothing on this list is meant to cause offense.

As my class starts back up, I will do my best to blog when I can.


  1. Very thought provoking. Some wonderful lessons for all of us to ponder and incorporate. Happy New Year 2013!

  2. Your words and pictures made me smile! Let's go bag a Buck and make some elk steaks!


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