Monday, April 11, 2011

The Garbage Man Nearly Killed Me

I was sitting here in my home, finishing up some homework from last night (Half of it is late!).  It was Monday, the girls were gone to school, Baby K was asleep in his bed, and Hoss was off to a work meeting.  The morning was crystal clear, and I had high hopes of having a great day....

Then I heard the garbage truck picking up my neighbor's garbage.  We had rotting raw meat scraps in that garbage can, and it reeked (I meticulously trim meat, so there is no skin, bones, and as little fat as possible)!  Not to mention that we missed last Thursday's garbage pick-up, and our can was pretty full.

So, I raced outside, grabbed the can, and flagged him down.  He nearly drove right past but stopped just in time.  I pushed the garbage can up to the curb and stepped back to let the man do his job.

I have always been so fascinated with the garbage truck.  Even as a little girl, I would love to watch the arm extend out, lift up the can, and dump the contents inside the gullet of the compactor.  Well, how often do I get to stand right there and watch!?  Never, right?

So, this morning, after the garbage can was empty, the big arm began to bring the can back to the curb, but it got stuck on something.  The mechanical arm jerked violently, and nearly hit me!  I was startled by the action and had jumped back a bit, but I looked up at the man behind the wheel, and he had a sheepish look about his face.  He let go of the can and drove away, with not so much as an 'are you alright?' or a 'sorry!'  I shut the lid, grabbed my dumpster and wheeled it back to the side of the house trying to calm my pounding heart.

That woke me up, because up until then, I was feeling a bit drowsy!  Next time, I will stand a little further back!  I now feel like an idiot for standing so close!  Ha!

Have you ever done something silly like that?

Update:  Check out Sora's Journey for the latest episode, #19!

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