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14: A New Plan

Sora was not quite sure how the subject switched so quickly.  Neither of them seemed inclined to let this one major commonality pass by.  Sora began asking questions about Justin's family history.  The stories, according to Justin have become somewhat legends passed down from one generation to another.  After so many centuries without receiving any kind of contact from the Kiswone Nation, Justin's ancestor's began to believe the stories were just that.  Stories.

During the first years of the human race, many Kiswan scouted the earth for new and interesting things.  The kings wanted to bring to their land the most diverse plants and animals possible.  While none of the Kiswan left to colonize other parts of the world, many would be gone for years at a time.  When the first sinful act of murder was committed by the humans, the King of the Kiswone Nation made the most difficult decision ever faced by any of the race.  To put up a barrier, hiding the Kiswone Nation from the human race.  This decision was taken to the counsel of elders.  Each of these wise-tellers had a son out of the nation on a quest.  Even the King's eldest son, and heir to the throne was too far to be reached in time.  These men of twelve made the decision to put up the barrier, barring these noble questkiswan from ever returning.

After hearing this account of Justin's legends, Sora was awe-struck.  This is the same story told by the elders of the Kiswan, only from a different perspective.  Sora was sure that Justin was the ancestor of one of these noble Kiswan.  His ancient ancestor must survived by adopting himself into the human race.  What was amazing to Sora was the fact that Justin's Kiswan genetics still seemed quite dominant.

By the time Justin finished his story, Sora was grinning from ear to ear.  She was elated!  "Do you know what this means?"

Justin looked utterly perplexed.  "What do you mean?  I have no idea what this means."

Sora continued.  "You are either son of a noblekiswan, or son of the ancient king of the Kiswone Nation!"  Justin still seemed slightly puzzled.  "This could mean that you are the rightful heir to the throne this very day!"

"Whoa whoa whoa!"  Justin stood up from his side of the fluffy couch.  "I am NOT a king!"  His face was glowing red.

"You might be."  Sora's tone had hushed.  There was no way she could trace the kingship line in her mind.  She would have to look at the charts back in the Kiswone Nation.

She continued pensively, "Back when the barrier was established, the king was very distraught at the loss of his son, and heir."  She looked Justin in the eyes.  "The heir to the thrown is not just by being the eldest son.  The heir is chosen by the fates.  A king and a queen will have Kiswan after Kiswan until that heir is born...... I am the current heir....."

Justin had been pacing back and forth across the living room, but at this last comment, he stopped abruptly.  "You are the heir?"

"Well, I was, until I met you."  Sora picked up her glass and walked back into Justin's kitchen to fill it with more ice and water from the fridge dispenser, followed by Justin.

"You have got to be kidding me!"  Justin exclaimed!

"No, if we trace your lineage back to this founding king of the Kiswone Nation, then you could possibly have right to the throne."  Sora paused.  "When the barriers were put in place, the king was forced to choose a new heir.  Many of his offspring petitioned to be it.  He finally chose a daughter that had shown promise, but was not a genuine match for the position.  She is in my family line."

"So since the heir to the throne had to be altered, you are still the current heir."  Justin said quietly.

"It is not that simple, Justin."  Sora took a sip of her water.  "Maybe the cause of the weakness in the barrier is due to the fact that the Kiswone Nation has not been lead by the one hundred percent correct heir to the throne!"

It was Sora's turn to pace back and forth.  "I have got to find a way to contact my father!  He'll know what to do!  If you are the heir, then you will be able to help me bring down the barrier before the earth loses its power to reproduce the vegetation and provide for the life currently living here."

"You are serious?"  Justin was sitting at the table in the kitchen cradling his forehead in his hands with his elbows resting on his knees.  "I have no power to help you."

"We'll get there.  I just need to find a pigeon so I can send my father a message."

Justin laughed.  "Well, there are pigeons all over town!  Good luck catching one!"

Sora approached Justin and knelt down in front of him.  She pulled his hands away from his face and looked him in the eyes.  "I won't force you to do anything that you don't want to do, Justin.  But I need some help.  I can't do this alone."

Justin began to get his calm composer back as Sora continued.  "I still have to alert the world that there are other races among them.  If I just bring down the barrier before they know about us, then there will be a major war, and that is what the Kiswone Nation was avoiding when the barrier was put in place."

Justin stood up and walked to the living room.  He peered out the window and pulled the blinds down so that no one could see in.  "Jess is back," he said.  "I have to talk to you about her and her family."

"She has probably been looking for me.  I should go let her know I am here."  Sora moved toward the door. 

Justin darted in front of her and blocked her path.  "Sit down, I have to tell you about Jess."

"Jess comes from a long line of believers in aliens.   Her great-grandfather was one of the first to talk about being abducted when the 1947 spaceship supposedly crashed here.  The whole family, ever since, has been on the hunt for aliens."

Sora scrunched her eyebrows.  "So?  Her and her aunt and uncle seem a little odd, but they want to help me get the word out."

"That's just the thing," Justin said.  "I don't think they are at all interested in your story as being from this planet.  If you knew them like the majority of Roswell does, you would know what I am implying.  They want to get you put into some kind of weird hospital that they run, so they can perform tests on you.  They have never been able to gain concrete proof of the abductions, and they will do whatever they have to do gain such proof....even if it is a lie."

Sora was speechless.  She was still trying to process this information when a knock sounded on the door.  Justin got up from his couch and looked out a little hole in the door.  He had explained earlier that it was a peek hole.  He turned to Sora and whispered, "Its Jess.  You should hide.  I'll tell her I haven't seen you."

This didn't sit well with Sora.  Jess had been very kind to her, and maybe these stories were true, but she could not just disappear without explanation.  "No, its okay.  I want to speak with her about my changed plans."

"Changed plans?"  Justin looked confused.

"You are going to help me then right?  Because at this point, I have no one else to turn to, and you do have Kiswan blood in you!"

Justin sighed.  "Alright."

The knock sounded even louder the second time.  Justin unbolted the door and opened it.  There was Jess, standing at the door looking extremely upset.  "Have you seen my friend I was with this morn......"  Jess had just looked in Sora's direction.

"What are you doing here?" Jess accused.

"Well, you didn't expect me to hang out at that court house all day did you?"  Sora stood.  This made Jess calm down.  Sora was very tall, and could be extremely intimidating.  "I took a walk, and ate my lunch in a corn field.  Justin happened to see me, and he offered me a ride home.  You weren't there, so he invited me in."

Jess glared in Justin's direction as if to read on his face if this was true.  Logically, how would it not be true.  Jess's history of paranoia was beginning to ebb its way out into plain sight.

"Oh, well you could have called me," she shot back.

"Jess, I just learned what a phone was today...."  Sora was amused.  "Anyway, Justin and I have been talking, and he has been planning a trip to the east coast.  He said he would give me a lift in the direct of your president."

Jess's glare returned as she pierced daggers through Justin with her eyes.  "Oh, I see, well I was planning on taking you."

"You were?  I didn't even have a plan this morning."

Jess was not pleased with the way things were going.  "Well, if you change your mind, I'll be across the lot.  Some people just cannot be trusted."  She whisked around and stormed back toward her apartment. 

"I don't like the way that ended," said Justin.  "We haven't heard the last of this.  I'm sure she is on the phone with her uncle at this very moment."

"Well, what can they do?"  Sora brushed Justin's worry from her mind.  "So are you really up for taking me to the president?"

Justin sighed.  "Yes, I will.  But it will take a few days.  I have to get the last of my pay from the farmer, he is kind of slow at paying me.

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