Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday (ish) Weigh-in Measure-up: Week 7

I hope that you all forgive from my mini-hiatous.  It was a long week, and a busy day yesterday.  As you know, Thanksgiving is next week!  Can you believe it?  This month is flying by!  I mention Thanksgiving, because I plan on taking a blogging break during that week.  Only the blog.  I plan on still exercising and eating right.  I'll check in on facebook and twitter, but the blog will be taking a vacation.  I need it.  If any of you have ever tried to maintain a daily, or even a weekly blog, it can be difficult!  So, I'm going to take some time to come up with more ideas and I'll hit the keyboard running (yeah, I was reaching for that analogy)!

I am super excited about this number.  I haven't been this weight since I first lost the baby weight back in February!  I honestly believe that the introduction of more important nutrients is teaching my body how to be thin.  Ever since just before Halloween, I have been extremely easy on myself in both exercise and eating.  There have been far too many treats, and too little workouts.  So, if you just start eating good natural foods, and start eating foods containing important nutrients, your body will stop craving junk, and you will start to lose weight.  Just try it out!  Of course, you do need to be actively burning some calories and drinking loads of water too!

Bicep: 16.25
Bust: 48.75
Waist: 51
Hips: 50
Thigh: 30.5
Measuring is my least favorite part about this.  I don't think it is accurate.  I try to measure the same place every time, but to be honest, I doubt it is ever in the same exact spot.  But I try! :)

How did you do?

Keep working hard!  It will pay off!

Evelyn Campbell Curtis

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  1. You go Girl! That is great! Enjoyed your post on running. Good reminder that sometimes if we tweak things just a little we can still get our heart rate up and have a productive workout! Good to talk to you the other day! Love ya!


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