Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Vacation

I thought that I had better post a quick update about me... in case you were wondering and missed my post where I stated that I was taking a week vacation from my blog, well... I am taking a week vacation from my blog!

I decided that with all the things that go with being busy during this holiday that I needed to take a breather.  I met a monumental goal to lose 20 pounds, and I even lost a few more since my last weigh in!  I thought I really needed a break so that I could start back up ready and energized!

I'll be back Monday, November 28th with a weigh-in and ready to hit the diet hard before Christmas comes around!

Happy Thanksgiving you all!

I'm thankful for this blog, and all of you!  You have really helped me be honest with myself, and you have helped me be accountable for my weight loss.  The motivation has been wonderful!  So thank you!

Happy losing!

See you Monday!


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